Pity Party


Play: on the Game Jolt website here.

Source: https://github.com/jimmytheleaf/game-jolt-10

My partner Christa and I recently finished our first Game Jam game, Pity Party. The game can be played in the free Unity3d web player. The game was made for the Game Jolt contest under the theme “Party.”

Our description on the submitted game:

Pity Party is a first-person party simulator that models social anxiety at a work party.

Controls: WASD to move; Space to talk/interact; Mouse to look.

Can you make it through the party without alienating your coworkers or making a fool of yourself? Play and find out!


  • Realistic conversation trees — can you find the right words to say to people you don’t care that much about?
  • Mood and Sobriety meters that respond to your every interaction
  • Retro music that your character does not like
  • Advanced intoxication simulations
  • Hidden cultural references
  • One friend and one dog at the party
  • The option to leave at any time
  • Replay value

Created for GameJolt Jam #10, by jimmytheleaf and hartsick.

Note on the game’s title:

We intended the game to model the often self-destructive cycle of negative inner thoughts and their outward manifestations, hence the name Pity Party. I don’t think we quite got there due to the game jam’s time restraints, but chose to keep the name anyway. The game’s title is meant to refer to these destructive cycles, and not imply that people who experience social anxiety can or should just suck it up and get over it.