Source: GitHub.

Chromatophore is an art-puzzle game that explores changing play dynamics over the course of the game. The game changes color schemes and depth, mechanics, interaction mode, and tone over the course of the 9 levels. It is playable here.

Controls: Use WASD, and your Mouse + Left Click to interact.

Chromatophore is playable on the web through any browser that supports Processing.js and Web Audio.

Chromatophore Menu

Chromatophore Text

Chromatophore Level 4

Chromatophore Level 7

All game / engine code was written in Processing for this jam, with systems and components adapted from previous work in Lua/Love2d.

Tools used were Processing / Processing.js (PDE X and Javascript Modes), CFXR, Audacity, and Sublime Text 2. Screen-shots begrudgingly edited in GIMP. Javascript Minim-emulation adapted from code written by Daniel Hodgin. Easing functions cribbed from Lua code written by Emmanuel Oga.

Some background sounds and music were sourced from (CC 0) and The Free Music Archive.

A modified version of “John Stockton Slow Drag” by Chris Zabriskie appears in the game (CC BY 3.0).

Text fragments were written by the author and adapted from The Magician by Ingmar Bergman, “Fizzle 6” by Samuel Beckett, Urn Burial by Sir Thomas Browne, Damned to Fame by James Knowlson, and various Wikipedia articles.