About Me


Hello, I’m Jim. I co-wrote a strange book with lots of red text in it. So far it’s been published in three languages. I am currently a lead developer for Amino, whose mission is to create the clearest picture of the American healthcare system and connect everyone with the best care possible.

After graduating Harvard with an English degree, I moved to the bay area to intern at McSweeney’s/The Believer, while working part-time for a startup called MediaUnbound that some WHRB friends had started a few years earlier. After a rewarding yet unpaid year and a half at McSweeney’s, I moved to full time at MediaUnbound and entered the startup world of being a programmer/product manager/project manager/client services rep/pizza orderer, in the field of music recommendation and personalization technology. After five years of that, MediaUnbound was acquired by Rovi Corporation, and we expanded to do movie/tv recommendations and search, learned what it was like to be a division of a mid-sized company, I became something called a “Technical Program Manager,” then officially a “Senior Software Engineer,” then “I left to go on a 10 week roadtrip, write a bit about it, then move to LA to figure out what to do next.” That ended up involving making some video games, learning some modern technologies, and doing a startup for a year before moving back up to San Francisco and starting with Amino.

I enjoy programming, particularly on weird creative projects. I’ve done professional work in Python/Javascript/Java/Perl/Bash, coursework in C/C++/Lisp, and dabbled with Ruby/Lua.

I co-hosted a podcast called the Game Theory Podcast. Our first season is on iTunes.

I sung in a band called Every Generation. We were a short-lived Revolution Summer-style hardcore band, with cross-over members of Foreign Objects, Conversions, Vile Bodies, Crucial Unit, and all the other bands Strunk has been in.

My partner and I adopt retired racing greyhounds.